Managing all aspects of a private practice requires a broad range of skills and expertise.  It is therefore important to have a team with the right talents.  We see the process as choosing a business partner, as ideally it will be a long-term relationship that will be driven by your own objectives. 

Choosing good systems and establishing solid processes

These both need to be kept under regular review to make sure that they continue to be fit for purpose after changes in legislation and data protection requirements.  It is imperative that patient data is held securely, communications are secure and that legislation from organisations such as the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) is adhered to in all day-to-day activities.  

The patient journey

All aspects of the patient journey must be managed, from answering phone calls in a reliable manner through to booking appointments, transcription and communicating results, booking surgery and invoicing and credit control. 

Business development and marketing 

For a practice to grow and develop there needs to be a strong focus on business development and marketing. This is important for a completely new practice and also to ensure the long term success of an established practice.  

Why choose us?

Choosing a dedicated service provider will provide a broader range of services for your private practice and keeps costs manageable.  It relieves you of the responsibility of managing staff and it reduces the pressure of keeping abreast with changes to legislation as we will manage this for you. 

Employing your own staff entails provision of employment contracts, setting up and managing payroll and ensuring that you manage all of your responsibilities in terms of salary, national insurance and pension contributions.   Staff members are entitled to paid holiday, sick leave and need to be monitored via a formal appraisal process.  

When you are building your private practice it may not warrant a full-time employee and this can be challenging when you want to provide your patients with support from 9 am to 5 pm every working day.